Gallery of works

Prices of works on canvas range from 200 for smaller works to 1000
for larger works.
Works on prepared paper priced 100 - 185 (available mounted and/or framed).
Studies (on prepared paper) are available for all canvas works.

Prints are available of all works: these are on textured, fine art 210gsm paper, and cost 40.
(Includes shipping to anywhere)

For more information on making a purchase, please
email Paul.

contact page for more details.

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Dream Planet

Red Moon

Sunrise Autumn

Sunrise Autumn Study One


Monochrome Portrait

Red Cityscape

Still Life

Structure Behind Glass Panel

Study for Creation of Fire


Yellow On Red

In the Dark Autumnal Forest

The Sun Fading Into Cloud

Baugh Fell

Cityscape With Approaching Storm

The Enclosed Mysterious Path

Untitled Six

Untitled Seven

The Birth of Time: study one

Study for The Monumental Birth of Time

Blind Figure

Darkening Red Disc

Darkness into Light

Disc and Square

Grid Sun

Night Sea

Red Sun

Shell Shape

Solar Gateway

Sun in Dark Grid

Sun Over Desert

Untitled One

Untitled Two

Untitled Three

Untitled Four

Untitled Five

Blue Striated Sky

Blue-green Sun

Brutal Mask

Child With Mask

Composite Face


Cyclops Mask

Dark Tower

Distant Sunrise

Ensnared Sun

Image of sun

Orange sun

Study for Promontory

Study for Sun and Umber Earth

The Dawn

Sun Amongst Greenness

Sun and Umber Earth

Sun With Sculptures

The Promontory

Toothed Structure

White Sun

Creation of Light

Defined Sun


Palace of Thorns


Study for Divided Sun One

Creation of Fire

Sun Between Yellow Columns

Three Towers

Stormy Sky

Colour Music

Raw Umber Mask


Sun Through Trees

Cityscape One



Reflected City


Two Towers

Twin Structures

Declining Sun

Red Disc

Sunrise One

Sunrise Two

Sculptural Figure

Triumphal Arch

Tall Structure

Tower of Babel

Confined Face

Blue Face

Masked Woman






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